Wearing Out of da Blue apparel and shopping with our boutique will motivate and encourage many. Our mission is to remind people to keep their heads up no matter the situation. We may feel broken inside, but we are always valuable.

Out of da Blue

The meaning of this design is how Out of da Blue tells its story. Out of da Blue is not worded perfectly because we are not perfect. Out of da Blue, God speaks to us, situations happen, and memories of people and life events cross our minds. The word BLUE has broken letters, but you are still able to identify the word. As we go through life, we become broken and do not look like what we have been through. The BU is underlined because God made us all different, and we have different situations that may cause us to feel broken inside. We want to remind you to always BU. There is a diamond over the letter U. The diamond is to remind us that we are still valuable. With God, there is limitless to what you can do and what he can do in your life. You are stronger than you think! By wearing our clothing brand, you can let someone know they are not alone. We are broken but gracefully broken.

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